Healthy Competition for Graduates Too....

  • Colleges and universities in the Graduate Division must compete in teams of two students.
  • Graduate students compete in teams of two, with a maximum of 8 teams.
  • The winning team of the Graduate division is determined by the combined highest team scores from all three challenges. The winners of each round are recognized during the Awards Banquet.
  • The challenges faced by the Graduate Division at the NCSC differ from those of the Undergraduate Division. Graduate students face three different sales challenges. The first challenge includes effectively proceeding through the initial introduction, rapport building, and trust development and then uncovering a new prospect’s needs.
  • Contestants have 20 minutes to complete the first call in order to uncover needs and set a second appointment. The first round of the graduate division requires one team member to compete (Team Member A). The second challenge is a Team Sales Call and includes team members A and B. The teams have 30 minutes to complete the call with the goal of presenting a solution and closing the sales based upon a pre-determined set of needs provided in the Graduate Division scenarios.
  • The third and final challenge is a Follow-Up call (Team Member B) with a current customer. The goal is to determine the satisfaction with the recently sold product/service, upsell or cross sell the customer, where appropriate, and to handle any issues or concerns presented. Again, the competitor has 20 minutes to complete the challenge.